Politics makes strange bedfellows. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner makes the strangest. Here’s your Twitchy Top Five Oddest Couples of the annual media-politics-Hollywood suck-up fest.

5. Wolf Blitzer and Diane Lane. We know who would win at Jeopardy!

4. Katie Couric and Duck Dynasty. Hawt. Not you, Katie.

3. Obama, Ted Cruz, and an awful Satan mask.

2. Fox News Channel’s Eric Bolling and NBC’s Al Roker. We hope Roker didn’t have any accidents like he did the last time he attended a White House event. Yikes.

1. And as we reported earlier tonight, lying liar Ambassador Susan Rice chummed it up with Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson.

Only at “Nerd Prom,” kids. Only at Nerd Prom.