American Olympic skier Bode Miller won the bronze medal in the Super-G event at Sochi this weekend. It was an emotional moment for the veteran athlete, who has been grieving the loss of his younger brother, snowboarder Chelone, who died last year after an apparent seizure. Miller broke down in tears.

Not content to leave well enough alone, reporters pressed Miller after his victory. And many viewers think one NBC interviewer, Christin Cooper, went too far.

Journalists who still have a shred of decency were mortified.

Can #NBCFail sink any lower?

Hey, here’s an idea:

Update: Here’s some video of the interview, or rather, ambush.

And here’s more video.

Update: Bode Miller is a class act. He defends NBC interviewer Christin Cooper and asks his fans to be “gentle.” If only she had been as respectful to begin with, yes? Lesson learned, we hope.

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