The brave anti-government protesters in Ukraine are not backing down. Tomorrow, the Yanukovych regime will hold a special hearing on the movement. Government officials want to end the demonstrations ASAP:

Ahead of a special legislative session on Tuesday intended to help defuse Ukraine’s worsening political crisis, the majority party in Parliament issued a statement on Monday accusing protest leaders of directing a coup attempt against President Viktor F. Yanukovych and encouraging the occupation of government buildings across the country.

Also on Monday, the justice minister, Olena Lukash, demanded that antigovernment demonstrators leave a main Justice Ministry building they have occupied in Kiev, the capital, on Sunday night, warning that if they did not withdraw she would urge Mr. Yanukovych to break off negotiations and impose a state of emergency in the country.

The statements illustrated deepening exasperation among Mr. Yanukovych’s closest advisers and political allies over the government’s failure to contain the political crisis. On Saturday, Mr. Yanukovych offered to dismiss the cabinet and install two opposition leaders in senior positions, along with other concessions, but the protesters rebuffed the proposal as insufficient.

#digitalmaidan is trending as activists and their supporters call for solidarity and highlight repression.


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