It’s come to this. “President Kelly” is trending after R.Kelly teamed up with Lady Gaga for a performance of her single “Do What You Want (With My Body) at the American Music Awards tonight.

The duo channeled JFK and Marilyn Monroe:

Playing the Marilyn to R. Kelly’s “President Kelly,” Gaga answered a phone call from her collaborating partner — and that’s when things got sexy. The fake Oval Office (Faux-val Office?) quickly transformed into a dance floor, which Gaga and her back-up dancers promptly tore up.

Stripping down to various states of undress, Gaga got freaky with dancer after dancer, before feasting her eyes upon the main course: President Kelly.

Sadly, the Commander in Chief denied any relations with Gaga, leaving her screaming, “Do what you want with my body!” all by her lonesome.

For those of you who may have forgotten, the R&B crooner is the notorious accused pedophile (acquitted in 2008) who was once named one of the “top 5 perverted entertainers of all time.”

Many viewers haven’t forgotten.

Lady Gaga loves pervs. Icing on this creepy cake? Sleazoid photographer Terry Richardson is directing Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s “Do What You Want U Want” music video.

Caution: Hollywood values at work!

Here’s the video if you can stomach it:

And Ellen DeGeneres weighs in.