As Twitchy has been reporting all day and night today, Colorado was hit with treacherous rains in Boulder and Colorado Springs. The Boulder and Waldo Canyon floods have claimed a total of four lives so far. Overnight, evacuations took part in both parts of the state. Road closures left many stranded, unable to get home (including Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin).

Homes were flooded. Highways wrecked. Mudslides endangered commuters and residents. President Obama declared an emergency in the state and approved federal aid. Affected residents and local officials used social media to share photos, organize community help, and keep everyone updated on conditions.

Just before midnight, a massive “wall of water” was headed toward Boulder.

Photos from a bit earlier tonight around Boulder, Longmont, and Estes Park:

Meanwhile, on the west side of Colorado Springs and Manitou:

Twitchy will continue to monitor and update. Prayers up for Colorado!

Updates 12:50am Mountain/2:50am Eastern:

Boulder. Sigh.

And in Colorado Springs:


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