The last time rapper Gucci Mane graced the pages of Twitchy, he was looking to invest in large Instagram accounts.

This time, it’s not business. It’s personal. And we mean really, really personal. As in waaaay too much information. The rapper has scores to settle with fellow rappers Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Waka Flocka, his own crew, and anyone else in the way. It’s all rather indecipherable, but as always, Twitchy is here to help guide you through the pop culture landmines and linguistic morasses.

In brief, Gucci Mane and Ms. Minaj once were pals in the music industry. She went on to mega-fame and fortune. He went on … to use Twitter to spill the beans on their alleged flings and every other explicit liaison under his belt.

Chivalry is dead, dead, dead. So is the English language.

He’s got video, people.

Someone feels aggrieved.

Watch out. He’s also got “pix.”

We give up.

Minaj responded with several tweets and RTs denying any relations with this basket case and mocking his claims, but this sums up her reaction best.

And that concludes this Twitchy episode of As the Rap World Turns.

Peace out. Or something.