Well, here’s something you don’t see every day: MSM journalists — including MSNBC’s liberal host Chris Hayes — in awe of an image portraying precious life inside the womb. On Monday night, The New Yorker’s David Grann circulated the famous image above that’s been floating around the Internet for several years.

It’s an unborn baby elephant. But it’s a start.


Grann retweeted the image from a parody account called @NatGeoPix…

A citizen journalist on Twitter was able to track down the source of the image to a 2006 National Geographic documentary on unborn animal life. It is a realistic portrayal of an elephant embryo based on models developed using advanced ultrasound technology. It is not an actual photo.

In its upcoming television feature In the Womb: Animals, National Geographic shows how three different mammals begin their lives inside the womb. The two-hour program, which airs Sunday at 9 p.m. PST on the National Geographic Channel, charts the fetal development of an elephant, dog and dolphin with the use of high-tech ultrasound imagery hardly seen outside a zoologist’s office, along with use of models and visual effects techniques.

To create the program, scientists used advanced ultrasound technology, called 4D (for four dimensions), to capture three-dimensional images of the animals inside the womb. Unlike traditional ultrasound, the 4D images depict the length, width and depth of the fetus in multiple real-time shots over a period of time. The effect is that of a motion picture, hence “4D.”

To cast a realistic portrait of the animals in utero, the program’s visual effects artists developed models of the animals, first in clay then in silicone, based on the ultrasound imagery. The gallery’s six images are silicone models of the animals derived from what zoologists and scientists might see in the ultrasound imagery.

The gushing over an unborn baby elephant did not go unnoticed by pro-lifers.

Give this self-described “radical liberal” university instructor points for honesty:

Father Jonathan Morris gets the last word: