Christopher “Kid” Reid of the old hip-hop duo Kid ‘n Play wasn’t the only one who noticed Sarah (and Todd) Palin at the Pacers-Heat basketball game Sunday night. After attending the Indy 500, the Palins sat courtside for game three of the Eastern Conference Finals in Indianapolis.

The usual, slobbering Palin-bashers spent their Memorial Day Sunday indulging in progressive tolerance.

It never does get old for them, does it?

Rent-free. In their heads. 24/7.

USA Today couldn’t resist gratuitous snark, either. Check out their headline:

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 3.29.32 AM

“For some reason?” The article itself notes that Palin played college basketball and worked as a sportscaster.

Newsflash: She’s a sports fan.

#SMH indeed.