While some unhinged opportunists immediately blamed the GOP for the Skagit Bridge collapse in Washington state tonight, locals and eyewitnesses claim the catastrophe might have been caused somehow by a truck on scene.



There’s at least one skeptic:


Twitchy will continue to monitor and update. Rabid hyperpartisans will continue to find ways to blame the GOP, Tea Party, sequester, and George Bush. Sad.

Update: Some good news …

… although here’s a contradictory tweet:

Updates on the eyewitness accounts:




Seattlepi.com reports:

Officials have said the oversize truck likely struck a beam supporting the steel bridge, which had not been a structure of concern for regional transportation planners. The bridge was described as “sound and safe” by the state Department of Transportation as recently as 2008. While several other bridges in the area were listed as “structurally deficient” on a 2011 report, the fallen bridge over the Skagit was not among them.

A full investigation will likely take weeks as National Transportation Safety Board investigators do their work.