Genetically-modified organisms lower the cost of producing food, likely saving tens of millions of people from starvation in underdeveloped countries.  Despite this, many liberals in wealthy countries detest genetically-modified food even if it has been cleared by federal agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration. The Left doesn’t have the votes in Congress to get an outright ban, so instead they have been pursuing frivolous lawsuits against farmers. Until now, it had been an effective tactic. But earlier this week, President Barack Obama signed a government funding bill that contained a provision which will allow farmers to continue to grow federally-approved genetically-modified crops while legal appeals are ongoing. From now on, the mere filing of a lawsuit won’t shut down production.

Naturally, the Left is furious. Apparently, they would rather Obama veto a government-funding bill than allow farmers continue to produce FDA-approved, genetically-modified food.

The current firestorm follows months of anti-GMO propagandizing by celebrities:

Consumers who want to avoid genetically-modified foods can still do so. Shouldn’t those of us who want to consume FDA-approved genetically-modified food be able to do so as well?  Or is “choice” important only when it pertains to reproductive rights?


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