“Amber Alert” trended late tonight after a significant number of iPhone users with the iOS 6 operating system received the message. Many Twitter users were awoken by the loud sound; a disturbing number of iPhone owners didn’t know what the nationwide warnings of abducted/missing children even were. Even more were unaware that their iPhones carried the alerts. For the ignorant: The messages are part of a new national cell phone emergency alert system “relying on Broadcast SMS to push notifications to smartphones for weather threats, Amber alerts and Presidential alerts. The system went live in New York City at the end of 2011, and should be live in most of the United States.”

Yes, it is.

We’re glad at least one person took the initiative to find out more about the missing child and post the information:

With missing children, every second matters. Every informed citizen and every alert pair of eyes matters.



Denise is safe. What a relief!


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