The petty bullies of the “Stop Rush” campaign are it again. This time, they’re attacking the U.S. Figure Skating Association on Twitter because the group apparently runs ads on a radio station that also happens to broadcast Rush Limbaugh’s show.

Stompy-foot, clenchy-fist brigade, activate!

“Shandy Hook?” And they call Rush Limbaugh listeners ignorant?

KFAB, the target of the Stop Rush harassment, is a conservative talk radio station in Omaha, Nebraska. The city hosts the U.S. Figure Skating Association championships in two weeks. The speech-squelchers won’t rest until they shut down their political opponents, and they’ll seize any remote, guilt-by-association opportunity to do so.

Luckily for the Right, the left’s Rush Derangement Syndrome has failed to stop him for 25 years running.

Let’s hope the U.S. Figure Skating Association treats the trolls the way they should be treated: Ignore them.

Good advice here:

Ditto that!