The latest edition of GQ Magazine includes a haze-covered interview with marijuana-promoting gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion/whatever, who wins the Hollyweird Dad of the Year award hands-down. And yes, we know the year just started.

As regular followers of Snoop’s Twitter feed know, he spends as much time peddling his drug habits online as he does everywhere else:

The vocal Obama supporter, father of three children (ages 12-18) and TV-famous peewee football coach (the team is made up of 8- and 9-year-old children) goes even further in his GQ interview by advocating marijuana instruction for his children and the young athletes under his care:

So in Snoop’s Narnia, it’s perfectly normal to smoke weed everywhere, all the time, at any hour of the day. In Snoop’s Narnia, it’s perfectly acceptable to look forward to teaching your kids how to pick seeds out of your stash or how to roll a blunt. “It’s not that I would ever push weed on our kids,” says Snoop, who has three children, ranging in age from 12 to 18, “but if they wanted to, I would love to show them how, the right way, so that way they won’t get nothing put in their shit or overdose or trying some shit that ain’t clean.”

It doesn’t even seem so crazy—or at least not as crazy as it should seem—when Snoop tells me he’s thinking of reading a book called It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story of Marijuana, to the 8- and 9-year-olds on the peewee football team he coaches. “Believe it or not,” he says, “they need to know.” (The book is about a little girl whose parents teach her about the awesomeness of weed…)

At least we don’t have to guess what health advice Snoop’s giving to kids: