Local journos in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area are tweeting this morning about a shooting in a Gloucester Township, N.J. police station. Three police officers have reportedly been shot.

Twitchy will update as news continues to develop.

Some pics from the scene:


Confirmation is coming in that the shooter was shot to death.

Two officers have minor injuries. A third is reportedly in surgery.


Good news: It’s expected that the two officers with minor injuries will be able to go home today.

All three officers are reportedly stable.

More on the shooter:

Police plan to brief the press at 3 p.m. today.

More good news: Two of the officers have been released from the hospital and the third is out of surgery and in stable condition.

Update: Police have identified the shooter, who they say worked for the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

WJLA news reports that the shooter overpowered a female police officer and shot her with her own firearm. Jones had been arrested for stalking the home of a former girlfriend earlier in the morning, police say. All three officers are expected to recover.