Looks like there’s more drama in Kardashian-land. But then, there’s always drama in Kardashian-land.

“Rita Whora” is trending big today on Twitter and it’s all thanks to the tweets of the Kardashian lad, Rob, who is the only brother of the reality TV clan of the K sisters:


Rita is Rita Ora, a Brit singer-songwriter who is dating Rob K. Or rather, was dating Rob K. He unleashed a Twitter rant against the pop star for cheating on him. The tweets have been deleted, but all together now: Twitter and Twitchy are for-evah.


Yeesh. Hell hath no fury like a Kardashian scorned.

While Kardashian-bashers are having a field day pointing out Rob’s double standards when it comes to his famous sisters’ behavior, many more Twitter users are disturbed by Team Kardashian’s language double standards:

Well, double standards of all kinds abound, don’t they?

Rita Ora has not yet responded on Twitter. The Kardashian kerfuffle comes just as she’s preparing for a U.K. tour:

As Hollywood reality TV stars know all too well, any publicity is good publicity. We have a sneaking suspicion that this p.r. mess will help more than hurt Ora’s career.

It’s the Kardashian way.


Rob’s back in rant mode:

Sound advice from a Kardashian.


And, of course, Rob has deleted his tweets again.