Actress/comedienne Chelsea Handler had an abortion when she was 16. Not only does she have “no regrets,” but the crude liberal celebrity also apparently thinks the life-and-death decision is great, late-night comedy material.

Hollyweird. Hollywarped:



The “women’s advocates” at tabloid site Jezebel are now attacking Twitchy over its coverage of Handler’s sick abortion jokes:

Guys, can we talk? We feminists totes had the market cornered on dour humorlessness until all these screechy anti-abortion rights people started copping our steez. Can you be cooler or something?

Twitchy, which is a site run by 42-year-old sassy teen Michelle Malkin (a person my grandma would probably call “the poor man’s Ann Coulter,” which is pretty sad since Ann Coulter is already so terrible), has a rundown of Twitter reactions to Handler’s appearance on Conan, which range from shocked! SHOCKED! to FOR SHAME! to UR HATESPEECHIN’ MEH!

The Twitchy entry was intended to show just how terrible and unclassy Handler is, but what it actually showed was that there’s growing evidence that the anti-choice movement is destined to die out in the US not just because most women like to have a say about what goes on inside their own skin, but simply because it’s so humorless and lame.

Jezebel’s writers like to hold themselves up as arbiters of maturity and what women want, yet they can’t seem to do anything but bash women and other Americans who care about the unborn. Absolutely sickening.