Hollywood Women for Obama charter member Sophia Bush, the outspoken liberal actress last seen bashing Ann Romney and pretending to know that the article she was spreading to her readers was fake, was in full Twitter frenzy tonight during the debate.

She chastised two female readers who disagreed with her politics and immediately went all Code Pinko on them.

One of the Twitter followers tweeted her embarrassment at Ms. Bush’s “vagina”-mongering:

But as Twitchy has noted, the undaunted Ms. Bush has been on a tear for #TeamUterati since August.

And she just. Won’t. Shut. Up. About. It.


Guess she didn’t get the message:

Update: Nope, the message evidently did not transmit to the girly bits obsessed Sophia Bush.

And, then she attacks Michelle Malkin. How dare a woman use her lady smarts, not her lady parts? Egads!

Oh, sweetie. Your Man-God Obama reduced all women to “lady parts.” It’s his term. Take it up with him, if he lets you out of the metaphorical kitchen long enough.

And, of course, here come the disgusting cries of “bad mommy.” Evidently, it makes you a bad mother if you use your brain and have the courage of your convictions.

Hey, Sophia, you know what isn’t a wonderful example? Teaching children that women are the sum of their girly bits only. Or teaching children that women are just a bunch of “Julias” who need to be shackled and enslaved by the government, because the poor dears just can’t make it on their own.

Because, Vagina Squirrel!

Respect? Oh, that’s rich. Look in your disrespectful mirror, Sophia.

Recognizing hypocrisy is hard. As is self-awareness, clearly.

Oh, sweetie. Or is cupcake better? We’ll go with that one.

What’s insulting to women is not recognizing that their “lady parts” include functioning brains.

She just wants everyone who isn’t uterus-obsessed to shut up and get back in the kitchen.

And, of course, Sophia Bush must end with total class.

And she retweeted this class act.

Then had the gall to tweet this.

Ha! Don’t make promises that you clearly can’t keep, Sophia.