Maine Republicans are protesting on the RNC floor tonight after 10 of their delegates who were for Ron Paul were replaced with 10 Romney delegates.  

They walked out yesterday and returned tonight to call attention to the maneuvering:

Brent Tweed, who became Maine State Republican Convention’s chair after supporters of Paul took control of the convention in May, said he hoped the boycott of the convention would energize those who believe in limited government to get behind what he called “liberty oriented candidates” in the fall. Tweed said, “We currently, at the state committee level, we have almost a majority, and so I think we have a large influence within the Maine Republican Party here in Maine. And we’re looking to grow that influence and move towards a more liberty-oriented state of affairs.”

The Republican National Committee replaced 10 Maine delegates who supported Ron Paul with 10 supporting Mitt Romney, saying there were irregularities at the state convention. That angered Paul’s supporters, who say their delegates were elected properly. And Paul delegate Jim Azzola said Wednesday, he had no regrets walking out.