The Republican Governors Association tips its hat to GOP gubernatorial candidate and current Attorney General Rob McKenna, who locked up the nomination in tonight’s Washington state primary. He faces old nemesis, Democratic Beltway barnacle Jay Inslee, in the November general:

Governor Bob McDonnell, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, issued the following statement on Attorney General Rob McKenna advancing from the primary to face Congressman Jay Inslee in the general election for governor:

“Since the beginning of his campaign, Rob McKenna has been laser-focused on winning the general election, and today’s results are a key step towards achieving that goal.  Now, Rob will be able to begin consolidating his support while continuing to reach out to independent voters who recognize that his ideas to strengthen the economy, increase the number of well-paying jobs and reform education are exactly what Washington needs.  Rob is strongly positioned to win in November.”

It’s on!

In other prominent WA primary news, Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell gets her GOP challenger:

Sen. Cantwell thinks she’s got it in the bag, and is crowing about it on Twitter:


An uphill battle, for sure. But remember, dear: There are no inevitabilities in politics.