They just can’t help themselves.

While the Hollywood Left bashes former VP candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with one hand, the other hand is rushing to snap pictures of the certified GOP rock star. Palin attended an NBC soiree at the Beverly Hilton Hotel last night to support her husband Todd, who’s a cast member on “Stars Earn Stripes.” It’s a new NBC show in which celebrity guests compete in physical challenges that members of our armed forces must endure. NBC threw a party for several programs and invited members of the Television Critics Association to hob-knob with the stars. Palin shined brightest, and Tinseltown took notice:

Wearing a form-fitting brown dress, high, high, high heels and sunglasses, she attracted as much attention as she did the last election cycle. Never mind that she isn’t on NBC. Palin was at the Beverly Hilton hotel as a guest of husband Todd, who’s one of the contestants on “Stars Earn Stripes,” a new reality show that features “stars” in boot camp-like situations. Palin admitted she wouldn’t have been good on that show — or “Dancing with the Stars” (“I can’t dance,” she said) — but she enjoyed the attention that came her way.

Todd Palin, meanwhile, pulled back, giving his wife the focus. And through it all, the two looked very star-like. “You look very glamorous,” I told her. “In my Oakley sunglasses?” she said, surprised.

She was very personable — talking about daughter Bristol and the great job soldiers did. And she steered clear of any heavy political talk.

While she didn’t look like a candidate running for office, she did act like one. She took time for just about everyone and didn’t miss a photo op with Gen. Wesley Clark, who’s host of “Stars Earn Stripes.”

The snarkers expressed their displeasure:

Take a closer look at Mr. Evil Eye’s avatar: