Expect a lot of knee-jerk, Hollywood gun-control diatribes like this one from comedian D.L. Hughley today in the wake of the Aurora movie shooting:

Um, until two years ago when the Supreme Court overturned it, Chicago had one of the strictest gun-control regimes in the nation. How did that work out, D.L.?


In the years following its ban, Washington did not generate a decline in gun murders. In fact, the number of killings rose by 156 percent—at a time when murders nationally increased by just 32 percent. For a while, the city vied regularly for the title of murder capital of America.

Chicago followed a similar course. In the decade after it outlawed handguns, murders jumped by 41 percent, compared to an 18 percent rise in the entire United States.

One problem is that the bans didn’t actually have any discernible effect on the availability of guns to people with felonious intent. As with drugs and hookers, when there is a demand for guns, there will always be a supply.

Who places the highest value on owning a firearm? Criminals. Who is least likely to fear being prosecuted for violating the law? Criminals. Who is most likely to have access to illicit dealers? You guessed it.

Twitter users sent reality checks to Hughley. But Tinseltown elites are impervious to reality.

This tweet from a Hughley fan just leaves us…speechless. It’s all the Founding Fathers’ fault.


Mayor Bloomberg, Piers Morgan and Hollywood goons from John Leguizamo to Henry Winkler join the unseemly cries for gun control just hours after the shooting.