Last night, the official Occupy Wall Street Twitter mouthpiece asked followers to share their favorite OWS “action” so far. A few of the answers from Occupy cheerleaders:

The query also served as an open invitation for OWS detractors to put the spotlight on some of the movement’s most ignominious moments. Twitter opponents of OWS duly obliged:

Some of ours:

Eye on Occupy: Occupy Wall Street has its own Bat Signal!
Eye on Occupy: We can haz saxophone!
Eye on Occupy: Reckless in Seattle (and beyond)
Occupy Cleveland tries to deny accountability for occupier bridge bombers; where is media?; Update: Bomb plotter was Occupy Cleveland spokesperson
Eye on Occupy: ‘Happy May Day, now go kill’; Update: Attempted bridge bombers confirmed Occupiers
Eye on Occupy: Powdered envelopes sent to Wells Fargo reportedly tied to May Day protest
Eye on Occupy: Protester at DOJ urges laughing activists to “start killing motherfuckers”

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