Finally. A national media breakthrough.

Twitchy has covered the chilling story of life-threatening political terrorism at the hands of the Brett Kimberlin. Conservative bloggers recently rallied together to get the word out. The result? The power of grassroots and truth to power solidarity made at least one media outlet pay attention.

We noted earlier today that Brit Hume had weighed in.

And Fox News has covered Brett Kimberlin’s past shady activities:

Thank you, Fox News. They’re covering the free speech-squelching online terrorists that no one else in the mainstream media will cover. Any other takers?

So far, no. Other media outlets are too busy trying to make oh-so-tired hay over “birtherism.”

Print media? They are too busy continuing to try to convince people that Mormons are nutty nuts.

Quiet milestone. They’ve been doing nothing but screeching it from their Ivory Tower rooftops. But life-threatening political terrorism? Deafening silence.

Some still express hope that others will follow Fox’s lead.

Time will tell. Kudos, Fox News, for being journalists and reporting on this potentially deadly situation. We hope others do follow suit.


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