The hashtag #ftp stands for “Fuck the Police” — the inciteful cry of Occupy provocateurs spreading hysterical fables tonight about a protester being intentionally “run over” by Chicago cops. (Don’t miss Twitchy’s ongoing coverage of the anti-cop agitators’ circus here.)

The anarchy agenda has now completely subsumed the anti-corporate, anti-capitalist message. But close observers know that Occupy Wall Street was always a pretext for the coordinated creation of chaos and the sabotage of the rule of law.

Here’s a taste of the anti-cop hatred flooding Twitter tonight:!/daveanalog/status/204047205907181569!/wallpaste/status/204043916733984768!/YourAnonNews/status/204043192964882433!/AnonSikko/status/204016423461330944!/GMODESTROYER/status/204053279385194497!/Untamable_Kate/status/204057624650588160!/OccupyBayStreet/status/204042245723267072!/gburge/status/204030420386451457!/zdroberts/status/204009456080662528!/FoolishReporter/status/204043498519937024


Update 12:36am Eastern – The narrative-shapers are recruiting anti-police story-tellers for a press event tomorrow mornig:!/plussone/status/204067630003400705!/OCPress/status/204064977852694528

Let’s see if the MSM’ers who were sleeping through tonight’s chaos buy their propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Over/under?


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