After spending the entire day sniveling about assorted Uterati/Uterazi woes, Hollywood has-been Roseanne Barr went on a late-night Twitter rampage. After taking a swipe at small business owner and Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin’s employment status, Barr attacked her looks. Yes, really:

The elitist sneer about “real jobs” prompted Twitter night owls to launch the #realroseannejobs hashtag, which immediately trended:


Alert the long-faces at Comedy Central!


Barr was still tweet-frothing at the mouth and fingertips into the wee hours of the morning. Next target: Andrew Breitbart.

Icing on the nutcake? Roseanne bemoaning the lack of civil political discussion in America:

Femme-a-gogue, heal thyself.

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