The Facebook IPO was not a universally celebrated event in the Twittersphere. Many users marked the occasion tonight by spreading word of how the social network outrageously yanked a mother’s Facebook account for paying tribute to her baby son Grayson Walker with photos.

Grayson lived 8 hours before succumbing to complications from anencephaly. She was told her photos were “offensive.”!/MegzUnedited/status/203636425424510976!/cprater/status/203694176582381569!/dezgyrl12208/status/203318416390631425!/hoperaburn/status/203648468525395968!/UrSthrnChrm/status/203565246126891009

Watch Grayson Walker’s life story:

Grayson’s family has a tribute blog about his life here.

Here’s the local news story from WMC in Memphis on the Facebook ban:

A Mid-South mother has been banned from Facebook for the photos she posted of her newborn son.

Grayson James Walker was born on February 15, 2012. He was born with Anencephaly, a rare neural tube birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. Action News 5 shared the Walker’s story about their sons eight hours of life shortly after he died.

Heather Walker recently posted pictures of Grayson without his hat on.

“Not long after, Facebook deleted them because of the content” she said. “They allow people to post almost nude pictures of themselves, profanity, and so many other things but I’m not allowed to share a picture of God’s beautiful creation.”

Exactly. What kind of warped Facebook speech policing system allows every last filthy photo and epithet to be posted, but bans a family’s loving tribute to their son — and in honor of the sanctity of all human life? And just where do the Walker family’s photos fall among these categories of content deemed “offensive” by Facebook?

Violence and Threats
Bullying and Harassment
Hate Speech
Graphic Violence
Nudity and Pornography
Identity and Privacy
Intellectual Property
Phishing and Spam

Walker and her Facebook friends decided to re-post baby Grayon’s photos in protest, and the mother is now on a 24-hour ban from the social networking website.!/TeamGrayson215/status/203669330083323904

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