CNN journalist Piers Morgan loves him some White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He slobbered over left-wing celeb Goldie Hawn…!/piersmorgan/status/196352740346179586!/piersmorgan/status/196357566144593920

Left-wing celeb George Clooney…!/VanCity_Chris/status/196505602715955200!/dalyvilla/status/196510259681038336

And left-wing celeb Barack Obama…!/piersmorgan/status/196419440408145920

The drool bucket overfloweth.


You know who should have a talk with Piers Morgan? Obama critic Jon Lovitz.

Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Squeal and girly hand flapping! Piers just doesn’t want the magic to end!!/piersmorgan/status/196610346990047232!/piersmorgan/status/196622857139257345!/piersmorgan/status/196623883393187841

Hell hath no fury like a girly-man scorned!!/piersmorgan/status/196631840977731586

You know Piers is frantically entering the White House’s George Clooney dinner contest over and over. Also, he totally got Clooney drunk on purpose. Check him for roofies next time, security.!/piersmorgan/status/196632323909881857!/piersmorgan/status/196636610840891392

Piers, have you met Suzanne Malveaux? We think you’d hit it off. You have so much in common … like drooling, simpering and absolute shamelessness. Plus, it’s clear neither of you scored last night, although not for lack of desperately trying. Emphasis on the desperate.

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