While Hollywood celeb Don Cheadle was taking on mainstream NBC for its doctored George Zimmerman tapes, which were edited to create a false racial narrative, GOP candidate Mitt Romney was taking on new media (blogs and Twitter) for its lack of “quality control” in front of the liberal-leaning NAA/American Society of Newspaper Editors.

Weird, huh?

Via The Hill:

Mitt Romney lamented the absence of editors for “quality control” from new media on Wednesday, and noted that Twitter now provides “instantaneous reaction” to the presidential campaign.

…“Most people in my position are convinced that you are biased against us,” Romney continued. That could be a reference to his rival Rick Santorum, who has been very vocal in his opinion that outlets popular with conservatives, such as Fox News and the aggregation site Drudge Report — about which Romney seemed more positive — are biased against him in the race.

“Some people thus welcome the tumult in your industry, heralding the new voices and the unfiltered or supposedly unbiased sources,” he said. “Frankly, in some of the new media, I find myself missing the presence of editors to exercise quality control.”

Where has Romney been the last week, let alone the last decade since CBS/Rathergate? The “presence of editors” reduced quality control not only at NBC this week, but at the New York Times:

After Breitbart.com pointed out yesterday that the New York Times had joined NBC and MSNBC in selectively editing George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him look like a racist, a reader emailed us to note that the misleading edit was even worse in some print editions of the newspaper.

Full story at Breitbart.com.

Breitbart.com editor Dana Loesch and other conservatives on Twitter offered more sage advice and feedback for the pandering Mitt Romney:







Perhaps Mitt Romney should hire someone on staff who has passing familiarity with the long-standing conservative blog meme about the MSM’s discredited “layers and layers of fact-checkers and editors.”