As of March 29, 2012, midnight Eastern time (UPDATE: as of 8:11am Eastern 3/29), a vile Twitter account named “@killzimmerman” was still active on the social networking site. It has been active for at least four days, despite numerous complaints from Twitter users. Why has it taken so long to address this glaring violation of Twitter’s terms of service?

Some of the vile tweets from the account (including disturbing support from other Twitter followers):!/KillZimmerman/status/185106834225508353!/KillZimmerman/status/185116076932202496!/KillZimmerman/status/185112816167030784!/KillZimmerman/status/185063343940321280!/KillZimmerman/status/185052463265619968!/KillZimmerman/status/185021383976288256!/KillZimmerman/status/185046854982041600!/KillZimmerman/status/183990222135107585!/KillZimmerman/status/183559880462966784

See our “Related Tweets” sidebar on the right for a flood of complaints to Twitter about the account.

A sample:!/Erin_Brown/status/185204672678723584

Paging Twitter support and safety…