Conservative talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh announced on his show this afternoon that he would begin tweeting personally on the microblogging platform. Soon after, he delivered.

His show has an official Twitter account here, but the host had not posted individual tweets. He’s fighting now against the organized, astro-turfed boycott efforts of Soros-funded Media Matters et al. — and using the very social media tactics the Left has used against him. The individual tweet was also reposted at the official show account:!/rushlimbaugh/status/180370202729517056

Listeners confirm that he mentioned both @limbaugh and the verified @RushLimbaugh accounts on his show:!/kdubya65/status/180386075519356928

And both Rush and his Twitter-savvy brother David let followers know that both accounts are official:!/DavidLimbaugh/status/180393623471394817


Twitchy noted earlier this afternoon that advertisers are now voicing their support of Rush in new radio spots.

(As announced last week, Twitchy is proud to be an EIB web advertiser.)