Add this Southern-bashing tweet tonight to HBO comedy host Bill Maher’s greatest hate speech hits.

The $1 million Obama super PAC donor has been getting heat from conservative women for years of misogynist statements:

Now comes word that Obama senior adviser David Axelrod is bailing on Maher’s show.

Will the White House scions of civility stand by their million-dollar-man now?

Twitter users are giving Maher a big thumbs-down:!/Katbeloo/status/179742713854427136!/TomRosengren/status/179742638222745601!/missycampbell65/status/179777892891377665!/nwderek/status/179744314379870208!/freddoso/status/179742712390615040

Say, wasn’t Maher supposed to be doing a fundraiser for Democrats in Alabama?!/Rschrim/status/179750339308818432

Attention, Toothless Tennessee. Maher’s headed your way:!/StrokesofCandor/status/179787300803321856

Update (Wednesday 520am ET): Maher isn’t done yet:!/billmaher/status/179820528817803265

Update: Guess whose contributions accounted for more than half of all donations to Obama’s Super PAC in February?