Social media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, who died unexpectedly last week, will be honored by fans and colleagues on Twitter with a day-long music tweet-a-thon.

Breitbart was a fan of 1980s British New Wave and retro:

Downstairs, Breitbart staff members, contributors, and friends–including Meredith Dake, Christian Hartsock, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, Tony Katz, Breitbart TV editor Larry O’Connor, and Big Journalism editor Dana Loesch worked on individual assignments on their laptop computers in a circle formation while listening to iTunes.

“It felt like being home with family during a time when they need it,” Loesch said. “It was difficult not to notice Andrew’s empty desk–that was what was biggest for me–but it was like spending time with family coming together.”

After sunset, Loesch randomly chose to play the song “King of the Mountain,” by Midnight Oil, on her laptop and Pollak shouted down from the upstairs loft: “Who is playing this song and why?”

When Loesch responded that it had been a random choice, Pollak explained quietly, “That was one of Andrew’s favorite songs.”

Breitbart was known throughout his inner circle for cherishing ’80s new wave and retro music. He often listened to songs by bands like New Order, the The, the Cure, Duran Duran and his high school favorite–Devo. He sometimes distracted his fellow editors by spontaneously blasting a song from his computer and happily singing along in the newsroom while tweeting responses to his adversaries and playing air-drums.