The contrast between the way the liberal media covers things under Biden and the way they covered things under Trump continues to be fascinating and maddening.

When Trump was in office, everything was presented as a crisis. Everything was used as proof that the world was ending simply because Trump was president.

Under Biden, no matter how bad things get, they somehow find a way to soften every blow.

Take yesterday’s news about inflation, for instance.

The Washington Free Beacon compiled footage of liberal media folks trying so hard to spin yesterday’s news:

Thank God for the media. The American people are obviously too dumb for their own good. They need professional journalists with elite educations and morally superior opinions to tell them what to care about and precisely how much to care about that thing.

Most Americans, for example, might have been somewhat concerned after learning that U.S. consumer prices remained high at 8.3 percent year on year and then watching the stock market plummet in response. Good thing our beloved media professionals were standing by to disabuse us of our ignorant assumptions. As it turns out, these journalists explained, 8.3 percent inflation is actually a good thing and Democrats deserve credit for saving the American economy…

Television journalists, meanwhile, deployed their genius-level intellects to argue that 8.3 percent inflation was actually “good news” for normal Americans. “We’re seeing cooling all around in terms of inflation,” said CNN correspondent Christine Romans, who went on to note that Americans should be “glad to see” that year-on-year inflation was 0.2 percentage points lower in August than it was in July, which signaled a positive “trend.”

Take a look below:

Bless their hearts.

Of course they wouldn’t. We know it and so do they.

Sad but true.


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