Do you remember Dr. Bandy Lee? She is the psychiatrist who lost her job at Yale University because she was obsessed with diagnosing Trump from afar, without ever even having met him.

Psychiatrists frown on that, apparently.

She tried to use legal means to get her job back, but she lost.

Isn’t that just awful?

From the New York Post:

Psychiatrist Brandy Lee, who slammed Trump’s mental state, fails to get Yale gig back

A prominent psychiatrist who called President Trump and his loyalists mentally ill failed to get her job back after Yale University parted ways with Dr. Bandy Lee two years ago, a judge ruled.

A federal judge in Connecticut dismissed a wrongful termination lawsuit that charged the Ivy League school with violating the woman’s free speech and professional obligations when she was not reappointed to her role with the school, the Harford Courant reported.

Lee, who was in an unpaid position, was with the school for 17 years before she was tossed aside. She argued in legal papers she had a “duty to warn” people about the “contagion” of Trump’s mental state, according to the Courant.

The prestigious university had questions about her judgment and ability to teach after she started making medical proclamations about Trump and others close to him, the newspaper reported.

Too bad CNN is downsizing. Lee would fit in so well there.

For anyone who doesn’t remember, this woman was rolled out by the Democrats and the media repeatedly, to ‘prove’ that Trump was mentally unfit for office. Her work is still being praised by the left.

These people need a psychiatrist.

Maybe they should call Bandy Lee. She probably has lots of free time.