Now that the midterms are approaching and Republicans are expected to retake control of the House and maybe the Senate, too, you may have noticed that Democrats and liberal media types are taking a very different position on impeaching presidents.

It’s quite a change from the Trump years of 2016 to 2020, when impeaching the president was presented as a moral imperative.

Over at MSNBC, they have rolled the clock all the way back to 2014 to show just how different Republicans were back then:

This is from the Maddow Blog:

In the months leading up to the 2014 midterm elections, more than a few Republicans talked up the idea of impeaching then-President Barack Obama for reasons they struggled to articulate. As we’ve discussed, the chatter grew loud enough that Democrats started fundraising on the issue — which proved to be a good idea when the Democratic base had a strong response.

It reached the point that GOP leaders had to start downplaying the talk — then-House Speaker John Boehner told reporters the idea was “a scam started by Democrats,” which was the opposite of the truth — not because they were sympathetic to Obama, but because they feared the effects of a Democratic backlash.

Eight years later, will Republicans stick to the same plan?

In this clip from Morning Joe, Fordham University Professor Christina Greer laments the idea of Republicans taking up impeachment proceedings. She mocks them by saying, “Who are we impeaching and why? It doesn’t matter!”


Do these people not remember the Trump years, or do they think no one else does? This was the Washington Post as Trump was being sworn in:

In 2017, Maxine Waters was fond of leading crowds in chants of “impeach 45!”

Left wing protesters picked up the ball and ran with it:

The left wants to be cautious about impeachment now?

Sorry. It doesn’t work that way.