Former President Bill Clinton was in Nevada rallying Democrats for Obama yesterday, and he couldn’t help but let the audience know that he knew how to answer Mitt Romney in the recent debate, even if Barack Obama didn’t:

You can see Clinton pause for a moment — as if thinking about whether it was really wise to show just how confidently he would have handled Romney. But he didn’t pause long before showing the loyalists the Bill Clinton they loved:

I had a different reaction to that first debate than a lot of people did. I mean I thought “Wow. Here’s old Moderate Mitt. Where you been boy? I missed y’all these last few years.”

And liberals are eating it up! As of this writing, the YouTube clip had received nearly 15,000 views in less than a day. And Clinton got the love that he has always craved:

Dozens and dozens of liberals are cheering Bill Clinton and marveling at his debating skills — but don’t take it personally, President Obama. We can’t all be Bill Clinton, right?

We’re sure when you’re voted out of office, you’ll draw thousands of adoring fans to university rallies:

And you’ll have desperate politicians preparing for your visit days in advance:

And if not, don’t worry about it. Jimmy Carter can use the company.