There’s nothing liberals value more than freedom of speech, right? We all remember that there’s almost nothing the Left is prouder to claim than “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it,” right? Surely the Left would have to treat with respect an analyst who offered such a mild criticism:

Here’s the reality: Obama is the single most talented big-speech giver (the convention speech notwithstanding) and fundraiser currently operating in politics — and it’s not close. But, like all candidates, he has weaknesses, too. And that makes his I-am-not-a-perfect-president line from last week’s debate more true than most people — maybe up to and including Obama himself — realize.

Is this even a criticism? Can’t every reasonable person — liberal or conservative —  agree that, like all candidates, President Obama has weaknesses?

If you guessed “no,” you guessed right:

As if these criticisms weren’t enough, Cillizza was criticized for having the temerity to even speak:

If you were expecting any of the president’s defenders to offer any specifics as to why and how Cillizza went so wrong, you’d wind up disappointed:

And some on the Left weren’t content just to attack Cillizza for criticizing our Dear Leader, they had to demonstrate just how out of touch they are, too:

Barack Obama is known for substance, not style? You know you didn’t just mutter that to yourself, @utliberal? You put that out on the Internet! Be more careful next time.

A few people stepped up to tell him he had it right — and to point out that even Barack Obama once owned up to not being perfect:

That would be a reference to Obama’s 2011 interview with Barbara Walters, in which he himself admitted “there’s a laziness in me.

Don’t tell his fans he said it of course; they think he’s perfect.