Show of hands: how many of you have ever tweeted about prunes? Doesn’t seem to be terribly popular subject. Well, prunes got a lot more relevant this morning when Rashida Jones adopted the topic for her Twitter feed this morning.

The mystery was solved quickly for the “Parks and Recreation” actress.

The conversation wasn’t over for Jones, who looked for a special someone to share her thoughts with.

Aziz Ansari did say he was bored. And what’s a better boredom-fixer than dried plums?

Isn’t that swell? A simple discussion about dried plums has turned into fresh thinking and marketing ideas. Is “Dryin Plumz” the next hit single from 2 Chainz?

You heard it here first. Remember this day: when Aziz and Rashida become the biggest thing the music world has ever seen.

Who knew prunes could prove to be so inspirational?