Today, Katy Perry’s “Part of Me 3D” was released nationwide for our viewing pleasure. Many fans will be heading to the theater this weekend to see one of their favorite singers in action. They’ll be treated to a special concert performance as well a backstage pass to a day in the life of the pop star.

Some people are hoping for something a little different, however.

Comedian Pauly Casillas would like to see quite a depressing end to Katy’s movie. Unfortunately, comments like that will inevitably find a few fans and give some added ammunition to the topic.

Isn’t that pleasant?

If there’s one thing you just don’t do on Twitter, it’s mess with a pop singer. Perry’s fans have been hitting Peligroso with some true hatred, with some even wishing for his death.

Can’t we just be civil? Is there no proper balance, where we can all just not wish for anything bad to take place?

That’s more like it.

If Casillas was just in dire need of attention today, he got it. And Katy Perry will be receiving attention all weekend as fans attend her new movie and watch her make it to the end alive and well. Here’s hoping for a little less violent discussion the next time around.