When there’s a Ke$ha story to be told, it usually has to do with partying, racy photos, beards, all that fun stuff. How refreshing for all of us to find the singer on a different path today, especially when it comes to an adorable baby animal.

Aww, who’s a cute kitty?

The process of naming pets varies from person to person, but Ke$ha really wanted to give it some time and find the perfect name.

Whew, she’s got it. So what’s the name of this little cutie?

Oh. Guess she doesn’t have it. This is a tall order for her “animals,” who have come to the aid of the pop star with plenty of colorful suggestions.





All we can do now is wait impatiently as Ke$ha makes the executive decision. While we’re at it, let’s take another look at this pretty kitten.