Did Roseanne Barr wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Or is she just having one of her increasingly common hissy fits?

Whatever it is, she’s taking off the gloves and doling out some choice words:

So, Roseanne doesn’t want people express their disagreement with her, yet it’s others doing so-called “commie censoring”? Interesting.

Apparently this sort of language is new for her (at least as far as she can remember), and she explains why she hasn’t been this candid before:

She managed to draw the admiration of a few Twitterers, who enjoyed her “whorebags” comment considerably.


Not everyone was hopping aboard the rage train, thankfully. There are those who saw the silliness for exactly what it was.

It seems no longer being the Green Party candidate has freed her up to unleash her inner beast.