Is Justin Bieber starting to grow one heck of a testy temper? We probably all remember that little incident Bieber had with the photographer earlier this year, and it seems that wasn’t just a one-time thing.

The pop sensation had a radio interview with “Mojo in the Morning,” and it seems that the conversation he had with the DJ didn’t exactly go as planned.

Perez Hilton reported on his blog that the DJ in question apparently did a few things to set Bieber off, like compare to him to Justin Timberlake and make direct references to his mom. There’s a rumor that Harry Styles is trying to seduce Bieber’s mom, and Bieber is none too pleased. While some are able to take these sort of pot shots in stride, it seems that the fuse to set off a Bieber Bomb is a short one.

Is the fame getting to the Biebz?

The concern is spreading. What’s happening to our little teen titan? Is this a downhill slide, or simply a few small, unfortunate incidents? Stick around; we have a feeling the Bieber drama is just getting started.