After word spread to the media that Ann Curry was set to leave NBC’s “Today” show, she continued working, despite her presence causing a considerably awkward tension. Ratings had fallen, her relationship with Matt Lauer could have been described as “professional” at best and she was given nothing more than a short five-minute segment at the end of her final show to say goodbye to viewers.

All of this has led to a lot of speculation, something Harvey Levin of TMZ is a master of analyzing. He took to his Twitter today to share his insight into what went down at the end of Ann Curry’s “Today” show tenure.

The Twitterverse added chimes of agreement to Levin’s commentary on the circumstances of Curry’s departure.

None of this bodes well for NBC, which has now been beaten in the ratings by “Good Morning America” several times. With such troubling times for the “Today” show, who knows how far they’ll fall?