You’ve heard songs about how females hold the power. We’ve probably all taken a glance at a female empowerment essay or two; an essay that spoke on the true essence of woman and how she could take control of the situations around her.

But, just in case you haven’t, Ray J has made his own announcement with a bite-sized version of this theory:

There are many more flowery ways to make such a statement, but we can’t really expect a man with a Kim Kardashian sex tape to be the focal point of flowery.

So is this blowing people’s minds? Have they heard it before, so they are not too impressed? Do they even agree with it at all?

Some other men seemed all too eager to agree with Ray J; they too are ruled by the lady parts. There were also plenty of women celebrating that yet another celebrity has been hit with such a revelation that they believe to be nothing short of fact:

Others weren’t as impressed, and even took this opportunity to drop in a few shots on the R&B singer who is more famous for who he bedded years ago than for his actual music:

Seems like not everyone is convinced about just who is the real free leader of the world.