R. Kelly has probably caused a number of health emergencies in his past, what with that whole getting caught on video urinating on an underage girl thing. The musician has announced his own health emergency this week, and has been forced to cancel a number of upcoming shows.

Kelly’s people told TMZ the singer seems to be suffering some complications from his surgery he underwent last year on his vocal cords. Among the canceled events are a book launch party, an appearance on the “Jimmy Fallon Show,” and his appearance on the “Today” show on NBC.

Is there sympathy out there for R. Kelly? Do people still have the capacity to feel sorry for a man with such a deranged past?

That’s the spirit!

Yeah, well, we expected that side of the coin as well. R. Kelly had a big summer planned ahead of him, which included his newly released album, “Write Me Back.” The singer will need a speedy recovery to get back on the promotion train.