50 Cent has been one of the biggest victims of the Twitter Death Hoax. He’s had multiple faked reports about car crashes, and about his untimely end.

This time, no one’s making it up.

The story, broken directly from 50 Cent’s blog, reports that Curtis Jackson was rear-ended by a Mack truck in New York City Tuesday morning. He was taken to a hospital in Queens, as was the driver, where they took tests on both his neck and back.

A spokesperson for the rapper has stated that he is doing fine and was actually released several hours after admission. Fiddy is certainly lucky to have gotten out in a state that seems to be mostly unscathed, as the report said the Mack truck almost flipped the SUV completely over.

Fans of the rapper got on early to share their support and send wishes of good health:


Bullets, Mack trucks, nothing can take down Curtis Jackson.