If you’ve never caught an episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” let us break down the casual episode for you: one girl says something about another girl, all the girls gossip about it, girl being gossiped upon finds out she’s being talked about and gets mad, fight goes down at a respectable function with everyone wearing something classy.


Changes were rumored to have been coming, however. Executive producer (and ex-wife of NBA legend Shaquille O’ Neal) Shaunie O’ Neal announced the show would be looking to revamp its image, and tone down the fighting. How is that plan working out? They’ve now axed three women from the show.

The women that you’ll no longer be viewing on this reality drama are Jennifer, Royce, and Kesha. These three have been especially problematic for the show, and didn’t appear to have the same type of reformation that the show had in mind.

There wasn’t much of a celebration from the fans on Twitter. It was mostly a lament of lost cast members and thoughts as to others who needed to take their exit.

There’s even a few who have come up with a rather swell idea as to replacements for the fired cast members:


On a more serious note, can we get this show re-named? It’s blatant false advertising, if you ask us.

Please and thank you.