Every fight has an aftermath period. Especially when the fight in question involved a bunch of grown men hurling bottles at each other over a woman who has clearly dipped into the candy jar too often for their liking.

The rapper Roscoe Dash decided to drop in his own two cents on the barroom brawl that took place last night between Drake, Chris Brown, and Meek Mill:

This prompted a response from Meek Mill, who was directly involved in the situation himself, and didn’t take too kindly to Dash’s opinion:

Roscoe didn’t seem to care all that much about Meek Mill’s suggestion to ‘stay in his lane:’

It’s no surprise a fellow rapper decided to speak out and jest on the situation at hand. Reports of what happened last night suggest that nothing manly or respectable took place, and rather a bunch of children had one gigantic hissy fit.


Apparently, it’d be best for Mr. Dash to chill, because Meek Mill does not have the reputation of being someone you’d want to mess with.


Looks like hip-hop just found itself getting a bit more interesting. Stay tuned to find out who gets a bottle cracked over their skull next!