The folks of New York City might have considered it a welcome surprise when they caught Rihanna strolling through their city. What was probably more surprising, however, was that they could see her breasts.

Decked in nothing but what appeared to be some sort of transparent bra, Rih Rih walked around like it was a casual occasion for everyone around her to be getting a look at her nipples.

Can we really classify this as a wardrobe malfunction, though? Surely, Rihanna was able to notice the dark circles peering through her top at some point. Since nothing was done to remedy the situation, is it possible to suggest she was just feeling a little extra racy?

One might go as far as to say just about everything Rihanna wears is a wardrobe malfunction, at least to the rest of us:

At best, we can offer Rihanna a kind letter, asking that this sort of behavior be toned down for the sake of our eyes: