Dustin Brown, captain of the Los Angeles Kings, was mere seconds away from hoisting the Stanley Cup trophy. He was about to immortalize a career, set in stone a season that has been glorious for the whole team, himself included.

He made the moment even more unforgettable when he decided to drop the f-bomb on live TV.

In the usual post-game interview for the winning team, captain Dustin Brown allowed his excitement to get the best of himself, letting anyone watching NBC catch a whiff of the infamous f-word. Being live TV and all, there wasn’t much anyone could do but clap their hands to their foreheads and groan.

It’s a word most of us have heard, and almost everyone will hear again. It’s a word you can hear thirty times in an hour-long episode of “The Sopranos.” It’s also a word that’s definitely on the no-no list for a premier network like NBC.



For Dustin Brown, it was simply an expression of glorified celebration.

The good news for Brown and his Kings, is that no matter what choice of words he had for the live audience, the Kings are still the Stanley Cup Champions.